How It Works:

Watch Challenge

Watch the latest challenge to see what's in store this week!

Record Yourself

Record yourself completing the latest challenge.

Send Your Video

Send your video, so we can watch, mark you on form/time.

Climb Rankings

After each challenge, the leaderboard will be updated.

The little details..

It's as simple as it looks above! There will be a total of 6 fitness challenges set across 6 consecutive weeks, 1 challenge each week!

You watch the challenge, record yourself completing the challenge, send the video to us so we can watch, and score you on form and time, and then you're given a score (points awarded depends on how many people have entered the 6 week challenge, if there are 30, whoever wins the challenge will receive 30 points, 2nd 29, and so on), once scores have been decided, the leaderboard will be updated accordingly.


Next Steps...

If you're willing to challenge yourself against the best, then sign-up now and take on the SUMMIT.